Exercise: The best thing that you can do for your health and fitness

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Managing your health and fitness is always challenging. You need to adapt to the highly competitive lifestyle that demands a 24*7 work environment. With physical exercise missing from the day-to-day activities, we pay a big price for it.

Since most of our requirements can be obtained with just a click on mobile, we hardly involve in any physical exercise whether at work or home. This has seriously taken a heavy toll on the quality of human life. We can’t do much about the adverse external factors like pollution. However, we can surely do a lot for the internal body system with a perfect balance of nutrition, exercise and rest.

All age old practices for health and wellness management like Yoga give emphasis on physical exercises and mental strength. If you are well immune from inside, you can protect yourself from a large number of health issues.

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Exercise of any kind, maybe walking, swimming, cycling, jumping, etc. that requires any physical movement and makes our muscles work, is very useful for our health. But, the most important aspect here is that we must do exercise regularly. It’s not a one-day affair.

Getting into the habit of doing regular exercise is as demanding as developing a new habit. However, you can be sure that this will be one of your best habits ever. Exercise not only changes you physically, but also changes your attitude towards life. Besides, it is a natural process to boost health that if done with discipline can change your life in a miraculous way!

It is true that our lifestyle is not easy to manage. But, we must remember that if there is something most important in life, it is the life itself.

So, it is not a big deal to give at least one hour everyday to exercise.

You can split that into two sessions: morning exercise and evening exercise. In a few days, you can start seeing positive changes in your overall health and fitness.

However, the question that may be bothering you is: How to get started?

Well, you may find it generic, but the best time to start is Right Now!

It is never too late to mend. Hence, no matter how unhealthy your lifestyle may be, you can always start a healthy lifestyle today.

If you delay the task, it is highly possible that you’ll never get started because tomorrow never comes.

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Never take your health for granted. It is our biggest wealth. It is the sum total of our existence as a living being.

Physical fitness is the degree of our excellence in performing physical activities. It is determined on the basis of our body’s performance in 5 key aspects:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance: Also referred as ‘Cardio’ in short, it is the combined ability of heart and lungs to provide vital elements like oxygen and blood to the body. During exercises like jogging, cycling and swimming, we do cardio.
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  • Muscular Strength: It is simply the magnitude of force that a muscle can produce. Many common exercises like push-ups, bench press and leg press are useful in increasing muscular strength.
exercise fitness health HealthSous
  • Muscular Endurance: It is the capacity of muscles to perform physical activities without showing fatigue. However, endurance is developed over a period of time. Many exercises like cycling, planks, push-ups, sit-ups, body weight squats and walking lunges are common.

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  • Flexibility: It is the range of movement provided by the joints in our body. It is of great help in athletics. Stretching of many kinds is usually done for improving flexibility.
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  • Body Composition: Body composition is the ratio or proportion of total fat mass to the total non-fat mass present in the body. Non-fat mass primarily comprises all the muscles, bones and organs in our body. Higher the non-fat percentage and lower the fat share, healthier is the body.

If you are serious about your health, you should regularly track the vital parameters like calorie and water intake and workout sessions.

However, one thing that is essential in tracking your health is motivation. Follow a routine that tracks your calorie intake, workout session, resting period, etc. on a daily basis. For gaining full benefits of exercise, we must also take care of our food and nutrition besides ensuring proper rest.

Desiring a perfect health is one thing, but working on it seriously is another thing. It is not easy to get into a time table. So, set an exercise routine that is not indulging with your working schedule.

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