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Meditation, its benefits and types

What is Meditation? Benefits and Types

Meditation Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on...

How to create realistic fitness goals

It's difficult to tell how high or low to set your fitness goal with regards to working out. Set them excessively high,...
Benefits of Walking | HealthSous

Health Benefits of Walking

During the last few months, many of us have added walking to our regular routine. Taking a walk is also a good way...

Tips for your Healthy Heart- By HealthSous

The Basics Overview To help prevent heart disease, you can: Eat healthy.Get active.Stay at a healthy weight.Smoking...
best fitness and workout app

Best Fitness and Workout Apps to Download in 2021

In today’s fast-paced world, it is really important to stay fit and healthy, as in this busy life, many suffer from problems...