Best Fitness and Workout Apps to Download in 2021

best fitness and workout app

In today’s fast-paced world, it is really important to stay fit and healthy, as in this busy life, many suffer from problems related to health, mainly weight gaining and fat related problems. Thanks to smartphones, because health and fitness apps are the answer to this.

Health and Fitness apps will be of great help in many ways. They will remind you and prompt you into eating the right food exercising on a daily basis.

We have done some sifting and listed a bunch of health and fitness apps that are worth giving a shot.

In this busy and hectic life it has become a very important task to take care of our fitness. If you do not have time to join a gym,

you can use a good fitness app to get a fitness schedule and track your fitness routine. We are here with some best fitness apps for Android that will keep you fit and healthy. These apps help you in seeing your everyday exercise and can help you think about your life in a new way. Start with small changes that can lead to a fitter lifestyle and healthier habits.

Lets start:

1)HealthSous-Track.Act.Get Health

best Fitness app

HealthSous is an Indian fitness and wellness platform which provides assistant to its users to live a healthy lifestyle. HealthSous with a vision to promote & motivate a healthy lifestyle among the population suggest its users a better mix of workouts and balanced diet plans based on their existing BMI and goal. We will track your habits on a day to day basis with your input and suggest your calorie intake accordingly.

The platform provides a calorie meter, water tracking, nutritive foods (with calorie count), workout sessions and intermittent fasting features. Above all, the platform takes the gamification approach to keep their users motivated. With the presence of experienced dieticians and trainers on board, we never take users health & fitness granted. Users can connect and chat with the dieticians and trainers with their concerns.

best fitness app

App Features:

  • 100 percent free and private
  • Easy-to-use step counter
  • Inbuilt calorie report formation
  • Wide range of exercises to choose from
  • Download for free
  • Inbuilt feature to calculate number of glasses of water consumed
  • This app has an amazing feature for the people who love Intermittent fasting
  • It also has a feature of handwash reminder where you can set a reminder for washing your hands time to time.

Download: Android

2)Step Tracker

The simple step tracker accurately tracks the daily steps count automatically. The easy-to-use app then shows to you the calories burned, distance covered, time taken, walking pace, and some health data through intuitive graphs.

A built-in sensor keeps track of your daily steps. It records step count accurately even if the screen of your phone is locked, provided you have the device with you.

App Features

  • Real-time map tracker
  • 100 percent free and private
  • No login required all features are available to the user
  • Easy-to-use step counter
  • Intuitive graphical representation of data
  • Colorful Themes

Download : AndroidiOS

3) Runtastic

This Adidas Training app is all that you need to quickly get rid of the starting trouble. The app helps you boost your energy and improve your fitness level through short, 7-minute home workout sessions.

You can make Runtastic your health and fitness trainer whether you are working out at your home, gym, or outdoors.

App Features

  • You can customize to suit your needs
  • Wide range of exercises to choose from
  • 180+ high definition bodyweight workout videos
  • Project workout on a big screen through the app or use on your tablet/Chromecast
  • Download for free
  • Some features are accessible only to premium members

Download : AndroidiOS

4) 30-day Fitness Challenge

This app equips you to do your workouts at home. Anybody can use it at any time they want. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is designed by a top fitness coach and helps you to improve your health and fitness.

App Features

  • Automatically records training progress
  • Reminds you to do exercises every day
  • Detailed video guides
  • Allows social media sharing


The benefit of using this health and fitness app is that it takes an all-inclusive approach to ensure mental and physical well-being. As enables group workouts, it offers a great deal of fun.

For improving mental fitness, you can make use of yoga and meditation options. The latest offerings of the app are and These are live fitness classes and you can exercise at the comfort of your home.

App Features

  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Professional fitness coaches
  • fit offers 260 fitness centers in 18 Indian cities
  • fit organizes home delivery of fresh and healthy meals

Download : AndroidiOS

5) Pacer App – Walking and Running Pedometer

The Pacer app syncs steps and calories with both MyFitnessPal and Fitbit and makes tracking your weight loss journey simple and easy.

You can download the app for free and take ownership of your health. Guided fitness plans that come with the app help you burn calories and lose weight.

App Features

  • Complete activity history and fitness tracking – steps, calorie count, etc.
  • Groups and challenges
  • Powerful daily exercise plans
  • Audio/video-guided workouts
  • Trend chart displays daily steps, weight, calories

Download : AndroidiOS

6) MyPlate

The app offers a comprehensive database of foods more than 2 million items and the bar code scanner helps you to track food easily.

MyPlate also provides you with a daily calorie goal on the basis of your profile information and allows you to create custom meals. In addition to keeping track of your progress, the app allows you to track water intake as well.

App Features

  • Sync with Google Fit to track daily walking, cycling, or running
  • Provides a snapshot of carbs, protein, and fat consumed in a day
  • Easy-to-read progress charts
  • Community support in real-time
  • Subscribe to Livestrong Gold Membership for more features

Download : AndroidiOS

7) Sleep Cycle

You can consider this app as your smart alarm clock because it is designed in such a way that you will be woken up only when you are in your light sleep phase.

It tracks your sleep pattern right from bedtime to morning and provides you with a detailed analysis report.

App Features

Free Membership

  • Sleep pattern analysis using Sleep Cycle’s patented sound technology/accelerometer
  • Daily sleep graphs and detailed sleep statistics
  • Carefully chosen alarm melodies
  • Customizable wake-up window

Premium Membership

  • Long-term sleep trends
  • Compare with world sleep statistics, snore trends
  • Sleep aid
  • Sleep notes
  • Wake up mood analysis

Download : AndroidiOS

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